Prison Phone Jammer M5

Introducing the ultra high power phone jammer with tough aluminium protective casing, SWR protection.

Adjustable 50 or 100 Watts per band output power, and up to 6 bands available on request.

Weather proof unit ideal for outdoor locations, such as prisons, courts of law, embassies, military installations, etc., or for halls or large rooms.

Supplied with a directional patch or omni dipole type antenna.

Antenna 9 dBi dipoles or 9 dBi directional
Battery Back up (optional)
Color Silver
Dimensions 100.00cm x 33.00cm x 47.00cm
Frequency Bands 4G / 3G / 2.4G / 2G
Frequency Range 750 - 2600 Mhz
Housing Aluminum
Jamming Area up to 300 m
Operating Location Worldwide
Operating Time Continuously
Power Supply 27 Vdc / 110 ~250 Vac
RF Output Power up to 500 Watts
Unit Weight 50 kgs

Prison Phone Jammer M5

  • Brand Phonejammer
  • Model No. PJ014
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