Ultra Power Vehicle Jamming System M12

Twelve modules plug and play design, facilitate for future power upgrade, change or maintenance.

Each module with LED display showing working frequency, output power and etc.

Operator able to regulate the working frequency band and output power of each module through the software.

Configurable specific frequency band can ensure internal communication in emergency.

System operation can be performed in the driver’s console unit - each module can be ON/OFF.

Backup battery generator system can be optional.

Continuously and simultaneously interference with common used RF signals.

Integrated smart active cooling system to make sure the device works continuously.

Antennas are installed with a covert design.

American Mil-spec standard case, shockproof and drop-resistant, available for vehicle field environment

Antenna 7 dBi dipoles
Color Black
Dimensions 98.00cm x 47.00cm x 60.00cm
Frequency Bands Any Band
Frequency Range 20 - 6000 Mhz
Housing Mil- spec.
Jamming Area up to 300 m
Operating Location Worldwide
Operating Time Continuously
Power Supply 27 Vdc / 110 ~250 Vac
RF Output Power up to 1300 Watts
Unit Weight 90 kgs

Ultra Power Vehicle Jamming System M12

  • Brand Phonejammer
  • Model No. PJ040
  • Availability: In Stock