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Phone Jammer Next Generation digital cell design.A mobile blocker device to help circumvent disturba..

A phone blocker and WiFi jammer with an internal high capacity battery.High power handheld cell immo..
$299.00 $239.00

A cell phone blocker jammer the smallest, most sophisticated digital unit.This mobile device will he..
$299.00 $179.00

A mobile phone jammer the smallest, most sophisticated digital phone blocker, a very small pocket-si..
$199.00 $145.00

A cell phone Jammer - top of the range, Next Generation Digital; a mobile device to help immobilize ..
$699.00 $499.00

Phone jammer next generation a desktop / portable / fixed device to help immobilize disturbance..
$695.00 $495.00

Broadband DDS Jammer developed to defend the drone and other aerial camera devices.DDS for fast prog..

Introducing the ultra high power phone jammer with tough aluminium protective casing, SWR protectio..