Ultra Wide Band Jammer V6

High performance reactive wide band jammer designed for outdoors, it can generate very high density spectrum to block all signal to 6Ghz.

Controlled by DDS Synthesized Technology.

The jamming timing is programmable by tablet software.

Frequency: 20Mhz-500Mhz, 500Mhz-3Ghz, 3Ghz-6Ghz.

Modulating bandwidth is adjustable from ±500Khz ±5Mhz.

Power sharing technique allows the jammer to bring maximum amount of power on the target.

Effective blocking range can reach 50 meters up - depending on environmental conditions.

Easy to carry out and neutralize all kind of multi signals.

Pelican Case protected from sands, dust, water, etc. with stand alone modular design.

Antenna High performance dipoles (COMROD)
Battery Internal
Color Black
Dimensions 56.00cm x 45.00cm x 27.00cm
Frequency Bands Any Band
Frequency Range 20 - 6000 Mhz
Housing Pelican case 1560
Jamming Area up to 50 m
Operating Location Worldwide
Operating Time 1 1/2 hours battery or continuous on mains supply
Power Supply 110 ~250 Vac
RF Output Power up to 60 Watts
Unit Weight 25 kgs

Ultra Wide Band Jammer V6

  • Brand Phonejammer
  • Model No. PJ031
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