Ultra Drone Jammer V6

Broadband DDS Jammer developed to defend the drone and other aerial camera devices.

DDS for fast programmable sweep technology for maximum performance, advanced DSP Micro-controller together with a PLL synthesized, in order to ensure minimal interference outside the desired band, high processing quality, and reliability.

Jamming frequency covers 20Mhz-500Mhz (all kinds of RF remote controller), 1164Mhz-1300Mhz, 1563Mhz-1615Mhz (GPS L1 & L2), and Wifi 2.4Ghz (for Wi-Fi camera, 5.8Ghz is optional).

Unlimited for continuous operation, and remote control by laptop.

Antenna 7 dBi dipoles or 9 dBi directional
Battery Internal
Color Olive / Black
Dimensions 56.00cm x 20.00cm x 45.00cm
Frequency Bands All Drone and remote Camera bands
Frequency Range 20 - 2600 Mhz
Housing Pelican case or vehicle mounted optional
Jamming Area up to 200 m
Operating Location Worldwide
Operating Time 2 hours battery or continuous on mains supply
Power Supply 28 Vdc / 110 ~250 Vac
RF Output Power up to 400 Watts
Unit Weight 25kgs

Ultra Drone Jammer V6