Adjustable Power Phone Jammer (10W)

A cell phone jammer with tough aluminium casing suitable for use in rooms of any size or outdoor usage (not waterproof). 

Fixed (desktop) or portable blocker / immobilizer unit.

Select-able switches on the front for choice of jamming bands and adjustable RF power levels.

Network stops or disables 4G LTE (depends on county) / 3G / 2G (GSM) networks.

With an internal high-capacity rechargeable back-up battery.

Package contents: 1 x PJ007 > 10W Adjustable Power Phone Jammer , 1 x AC power supply, 4 x Antennas.

* not available to USA and EU (only authorized government users). 

Antenna 4 x Omni 6dBi
Battery 5000mA internal
Color Silver / Black
Dimensions 25.00cm x 12.00cm x 3.00cm
Frequency Bands 4G (depends on country) / 3G / 2G
Frequency Range 850 - 2200Mhz
Housing Aluminum
Jamming Area 0 - 30m
Operating Location Worldwide
Operating Time 5 hours on battery or continuous on mains power
Power Supply 5Vdc / 110~250Vac
RF Output Power 10,000mW
Unit Weight 1.0kg

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Adjustable Power Phone Jammer (10W)

  • Brand Phonejammer
  • Model No. PJ007
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $495.00
  • $345.00